Global Real Estate Advisory Team (‘G.R.E.A.T.’ and “GR8”) Consultancy was formed to best address the diverse demands of Real Estate developers throughout the world in established and emerging destinations: marketing and selling residential urban and resort offerings.

Essentially, providing international experience with localized approach in order to motivate buyers across the spectrum.

Since their primary focus is the re-sale market, most franchised real estate agencies are established to answer certain needs of single transaction buyers or sellers. Due to an intrinsically limited dual agency relationship, serving both a buyer and a developer is inherently conflicting as their tantamount mandate is the agency results.

As such, prospects whose interest stemmed from a developer funded marketing campaign are re-directed to ‘ready for occupancy’ residential products to minimize risk and to optimize the cash flow incentive for the cooperating agency.

Instead of this dichotomy, it is proven preferable and highly effective to implement a precise, targeted personal campaign with a robust dedicated team whose sole focus is to accelerate sales, nurture client interest, and manage all client inquiries. Doing so also enables mapping of leads for best marketing intelligence and application of resources.

"Essentially providing international experience and network with localized approach in order to motivate buyers across the spectrum”

Frederic de Froidmont

Managing Director

Frederic’s passions are marketing and selling real estate, admiring unique architectural designs, and guiding astute clients in their quests as well as consistently delivering on business mandates. Multiple tenures have forged a dependable, and resourceful Sales leader over the course of 15+ years.

To compliment his real estate acumen, Frederic has held integral roles at several publicly-traded corporate leaders in their respective domains: Intrawest Resorts, Pivotal Software, and Rogers Communications. He studied at the University of British Columbia in Canada and maintains his Real Estate License through the British Columbia Real Estate Council. For various assignments, he has integrated professionally and personally into diverse societies of Canada, Mauritius, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Philippines.

He is a fluently bilingual (English & French) dual passport holder and citizen of Canada and Belgium.

Please contact him directly so he may service your Real Estate mandates through bespoke strategies and personalized approach at frederic@GR8consultancy.com.

GR8 is bound by fiduciary duty, ethics, and results. No compromises.