• Readying all tools: (CRM) database and website (API) interface, communication methods and technologies, mechanisms.
  • Standardizing sales language: countering objections and highlighting benefits of proposed development site.
  • Creating compelling storytelling individualized for each prospect interest to trigger desire for lifestyle investment.
  • Relationship building with each and every prospect, agency, collaborator, development ambassador, and surrounding community.
  • Legal review of all documents, contracts, disclaimers, statements, legal structures, ownership regulations, and management agreement.
  • Training, mentoring, monitoring, and full support of all Sales agents.
  • Pricing of Residences according to market conditions, development partner parameters, and financial montages in order to maintain balance of maximal pricing and sales momentum.

  • Pre-launch awareness campaign and registrant qualifying for market acceptance and product preferences.
  • Press travelogues and advertorials for maximal reputable exposure to the unique benefits of the region.
  • Personal correspondence with prospects during entire cycle including the post-sales ‘nurture’ phase for homeowner referrals from their network.
  • Energizing local, regional, and international brokerage communities.
  • Assembling elements for a captivating Audio Video Presentation – beyond the clichés and typical allure of luxury products.
  • Monitoring adherence to all brand marketing standards and Hotelier services agreement terms.
  • Always positioning development site as best in class yet complimentary to other products on offer, all the while differentiating and highlighting benefits and USPs to confirm its dominance in the marketplace.

  • Guiding owner-occupiers buyers through the process of acquiring their primary residence from selection to conveyance and occupancy stages.
  • Assisting investor clients in selection of prime holiday homes and/or revenue generating properties: beach, golf, mountain.
  • Managing the documentation process for group investors or fund acquisitions: legal, financial, and regulatory taxation.
  • Relationship building with members of the community and all stakeholders: prospects, buyers, development partners, hotelier brand.
  • The GR8 model is scalable to the exact specifications of developer clients’ needs: a team of one or several is mobilized dependent upon scope and phase. This tailoring process reduces unnecessary overheard costs and optimizes talent when and where necessary. Regional ‘experts’ are called upon for additional support and are compensated for efforts, not retained for the duration of sales cycle.

Managing tangible asset portfolio growth for HNW clients and institutional investors: targeted acquisitions and opportune dispositions.

Pricing, listing, negotiating, contracting, and management of client properties as well as continued coordination of maintenance services and tenant concessions: residential and retail.

Deployment for the full Sales cyle or mandated phase(s):

  • marketing preparations,
  • pre-launch,
  • launch,
  • post-launch,
  • occupancies,
  • subsequent development phases or tower(s).

  • Thorough analysis of all factors impacting the eventual development: location, accessibility, infrastructure, nearby health and education facilities, leisure and entertainment, visitor markets, political and economic stability.
  • Determining plausible buyer demographic profiles, EBITDA, SWOT, positioning, branding.
  • Collaborating with HVS/Horvath/Savills.

Researching and obtaining factual specifics from unbiased sources to accurately ascertain fair market value of prospect asset for potential buyer clients.

  • Acting as principal or cooperative liaison for respective buyer or seller clients in order to facilitate transaction processes.
  • Mitigating risks through proper evaluation, notarization, and transfer.

GR8 is bound by fiduciary duty, ethics, and results. No compromises.